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    "Why Am I Conservative?"                                   "Founders' Fables"                                        "Fisherman's Catch"
      By Melanie Angell Elliott                                          By Laurie Cockerell                                           By Thomas Wright
                                                                                                                       "How To Raise An American Patriot"                  "We Love Our Country"                     "The 4th of July: A Celebration of               By Marijo N. Tinlin                                                 By Mary L. Amlaw                            Independence" By Nickie Summers
  "With My Rifle By My Side"                                      "Patriotic Pups"                             "American Soldier Proud and Free"
       By Kimberly Jo Simac                                             By Nancy K. Arnold                                          By Kimberly Jo Simac

          "Freedom Bee"                               "Striker Jones: Elementary Economics                  "The Lost Treasure of Lincoln                 By Nicole Haas                                         For Elementary Detectives"                                           County
                                                                                 By Maggie M. Larche                                         By Nancy Sifford Alana

                                                                                                                                  "Patriot and Friends:                        "Enabling The People: The Amendments to                          "Little Bird Dog 
           Fair and Square"  
                          the U.S. Constitution & How to Always                              and the Big Ship"

    By Michelle A. Peacock, PhD                   Remember Them" By Rebecca M. Siebach                              By Marjorie Haun
                                                                                                            "America's Forgotten Heritage"                               "The Patriot Parent"                         "Saving the Vietnamese Orphans"             By Carol B. Olsen                                               By Pat Montgomery                                           By Marjorie Haun

       "Veterans: Heroes in Our                                   "Declan Grows Up:                                        "Hidden Treasures:
              Neighborhood"                                               It's Just Not Fair"                                          50 States of Fun"                       By Valerie Pfundstein                                             By C. Austin Lee                                                   By Liz Ball

         "Striker Jones and                                        "Cannon the Brown Bear:                              "A Flag in the Window"
         the Midnight Archer"                                  An Illustrated Children's Fable"                         
By Brian Karadashian
          By Maggie M. Larche                                              By Kyle McGrath

       "As the Family Goes,                                             "We the People"                                           "The Miracle"
           So Goes the Nation"                                            
By Carol Sewell                                          By Laurie Cockerell
 By E. Youmans, J.C. Thrift, & S. Allen

"Texas: Cowboys and Campfires"                              "Magnificent Sam:                                  "Our Constitution Rocks"                    By Nancy Alana                                  The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston"                    By Juliette Turner
                                                                                      By Laurie Cockerell

      "Our Presidents ROCK!"                             "Trouble in Ippy-Tippy Town"                                    "What's Right"
           By Juliette Turner                                                By Katie Berdan                                                By Patty Kinkead

       "Fighting For Freedom                                         "Land of the Free"
      and General Washington"                                  By Maureen Paterson
        By Michael Justin Lee

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                                                               About Our Books:
"Why Am I Conservative?"  By Melanie Angell Elliott. Ages 9 and up. Provides a basic understanding of conservative values and encourages dialogue with questions for further discussion. Town Hall Magazine Book Review (12/10); Advocates for Academic Freedom Recommended Book.

"Founders' Fables" By Laurie Cockerell. Ages 5 and up. Fables, written in rhyme, help kids understand founding principles with follow up questions and activities. Constituting America, Advocates for Academic Freedom and NFRW's Mamie Eisenhower Recommended Book Lists; Eagle Forum Education Reporter and Smart Girl Politics Book Reviews; Phyllis Schlafly Radio Commentary

"Fisherman's Catch-Conservative Bedtime Stories"  By Thomas Wright. Ages 2-13 years. Parable of a fisherman teaches self-reliance, diligence and free-market concepts. Conservative Monitor Book Review.

"How to Raise An American Patriot"  By Marijo N. Tinlin. Adults/Family. Resource to help parents instill patriotism in their children; includes interviews with present-day patriots and helpful suggestions. Written by the editor of "Family First" and featured on "Fox & Friends".

"We Love Our Country" By Mary L. Amlaw. Ages 9 and up. Teaches American principles of freedom, the Constitution and the Republic as our form of government. Particularly popular with homeschooling families and veterans.

"The 4th of July - A Celebration of Independence"  By Nickie Summers. Ages 2-8 years. Introduces children to the birth of our country, the legacy of the Founding Fathers and the significance of the Constitution.  The author writes for Conservative Network Broadcasting.

"Patriotic Pups" By Nancy K. Arnold. For elementary age readers. Historical fiction, written in rhyme, chronicles the adventures of pups given by George Washington to some very special patriots. Glyph Winner-Arizona Book Awards; Constituting America and NFRW's Mamie Eisenhower Recommended Book Lists; a featured book signing at Mt. Vernon historic estate.

"With My Rifle By My Side" By Kimberly Jo Simac. Ages 4-8. Written in verse, a boy learns about gun safety, our nation's history and the significance of firearms as they pertain to America's foundation and liberty. Featured on Glenn Beck's radio and t.v. shows; 2011 CSPA Book of the Year Award.

"American Soldier-Proud and Free" By Kimberly Jo Simac. Ages 4-8. Relays the value, importance and pride the military plays in our country and culture.  Featured on Fox Across America, Dr. Laura Schlessinger Show, American Family Journal and RFD-TV.

"Freedom Bee" By Nicole Haas. Ages 3-9. Introduces concepts of self-reliance, individual liberty and prosperous rewards of freedom through the tale of Scout the worker bee, his hive and the totalitarian Queen Bee.

"Striker Jones: Elementary Economics for Elementary Detectives" By Maggie M. Larche. Ages 7-11. Teaches kids the basics of free market economics through a fun mystery format. Accompanying lesson plans currently reaching 8,000 teachers and homeschooling parents nationwide.

"The Lost Treasure of Lincoln County" By Nancy Sifford Alana. For older children and adults.  The spirit of patriotism and respect/knowledge of our flag are weaved throughout the adventures of two boys who discover an old wooden box with a treasure map.

"Patriot and Friends: Fair and Square" By Michelle A. Peacock, PhD. For children 4 years and up. Colorful picture book features memorable farm friends who learn a valuable lesson about envy in their quest for fair and square sharing of a peacock's beautiful feathers. Featured on "Fox & Friends".

"Enabling The People: The Amendments to the U.S. Constitution and How to Always Remember Them" By Rebecca M. Siebach. For children 8 and up. Simply teaches all 27 amendments to the Constitution while providing unique pictures to aid in memory retention.

"Little Bird Dog and the Big Ship" By Marjorie Haun. For ages 6-12 years. A true tale of danger, heroism, rescue, and friendship set during the Vietnam War. The first in a series of the Heroes of the Vietnam War.

"America's Forgotten Heritage" By Carol B. Olsen. For older elementary and up. A collection of resources, facts and stories sharing the ideas and Christian values prominent in the history and founding of America.

"The Patriot Parent: Still the Best Hope for America" By Pat Montgomery. For adults. This e-book examines patriotism and how parents can instill timeless patriotic beliefs within their children. Includes texts of treasured documents, speeches and patriotic song lyrics. 

"Saving the Vietnamese Orphans" By Marjorie Haun. For children ages 6-12. This book tells the true story of "Operation Babylift" - the rescue of innocent orphans from Southeast Asia following the Vietnam War. The second book in the "Heroes of the Vietnam War" series. 

"Veterans: Heroes In Our Neighborhood" By Valerie Pfundstein. For ages 5 and up. An engaging rhyming picture book that fosters appreciation of the brave service men and women who are also our family, friends and neighbors. Featured on "Fox & Friends".

"Declan Grows Up: It's Just Not Fair" By C. Austin Lee. For ages 4-8. A colorful story of a young lion who learns  that the secret to life is discovering our gifts and learning how to use them to help ourselves and others. The first book in the "Declan Grows Up" series.

"Hidden Treasures: 50 States of Fun" By Liz Ball. For ages 4 and up. From Alabama to Wyoming, and from sea to shining sea, search for hidden items pertaining to each state and learn about the U.S.A.!

"Striker Jones and the Midnight Archer" By Maggie M. Larche. For ages 8-12. Free market economics at its most entertaining! Continue the adventure and the economics of the original Striker Jones as Striker and his friends go to summer camp, solving mysteries and exploring concepts such as wants vs. needs, specialization, and investment.

"Cannon the Brown Bear: An Illustrated Children's Fable" By Kyle McGrath. For ages 6-12. After others begin providing food and shelter for Cannon, the bear becomes unhealthy and unhappy. Cannon learns the importance of self-reliance and once again becomes free and happy when he begins to rely on his own resourcefulness.

"A Flag in the Window" By Brian Karadashian. For ages 10 and up. It is 1943, and twelve year-old Billy yearns for his father, a paratrooper stationed in England during World War II. Billy and his mother live a comfortable life in Pasadena, California but their comfort is soon shattered ... and the results forever change Billy and his world.

"As the Family Goes, So Goes the Nation" By E. Youmans, J.C. Thrift, & S. Allen. For adults. A primer of principles and practices that illuminates God's pathway for righteous marriages, parenting, and family life. Also available in Spanish.

"We the People" By Carol Sewell. For teens and adults. This book is for those who want to better understand Biblical worldview, the beliefs of America's Founding Fathers, our nation's Christian heritage, the Constitution, and America's political system.

"The Miracle" By Laurie Cockerell. For children ages 5-10 yrs. A little girl learns about the miracle and sanctity of life before birth. Delivers a pro-life message in a simple, sweet story.

"Texas: Cowboys and Campfires" By Nancy Alana. In this historical fiction tale, a group of children learn all about Texas heroes and history, as well as the importance of kindness and tradition.

"Magnificent Sam" By Laurie Cockerell. For children ages 5 and up. A beautifully illustrated children's biography about one of Texas' greatest - and most honorable - heroes.

"Our Constitution Rocks" By Juliette Turner. For ages 8 and up. Written by the Youth Advocate for Constituting America, this book takes a unique look at the Constitution and makes it relevant to kids today. 

"Our Presidents ROCK!" By Juliette Turner. For ages 8 and up. Written by the teen author of "Our Constitution Rocks," this book provides a great way to learn about the importance of our presidential office, making it fun and relevant to today's kids.

"Trouble in Ippy-Tippy Town" By Katie Berdan. For ages 4 and up. More free stuff! What happens in Ippy Tippy Town when the Gimmie Getters make everything free? This book addresses the value and importance of work in order to be able to share with others.

"What's Right" By Patty Kinkead. For ages 6 and up. The story of a squirrel who learns a valuable lesson ... that working is right and expecting handouts is wrong.

"Fighting For Freedom and General Washington" By Michael Justin Lee. For ages 13 and up. In this Young Adult Patriotic Fiction book, thirteen year old twins (Amanda and Alexander) enlist to serve during the American Revolution, earning an education in honor and patriotism.

"Land of the Free" By Maureen Paterson. For ages 9 and up. This patriotic booklet describes and illustrates some of the key issues leading up to and including the Founding of the American Republic. 

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